lauantai 4. toukokuuta 2013

The Head is rising...

  It's been quite a while I have written something here in my 'blog' (in fact I have written almost nothing).
Lack of time and thoughts in everything else than in writing a blog has been the reason (laziness might play big role too :D) So this is an achievement itself and remember I'm no writer nor blogger; You have been warned :)

  And now to the main part:

Have You encountered a problem with oldering batteries in Your camera, cell phone etc..? I have a batterygrip for my camera and I love it 'cause it has integrated battery and loads of capasity, once I was on a holiday trip for three weeks and it lasted almost whole trip without recharging(!). But over last months I noticed that aging is inevitable even if You are a battery. I could take just few photos before the chargelevel was under half of capasity. I started to look for a new grip but apparently You can't find similiar grips anymore, each avaivable grip uses normal batteries You use in camera and You have to take them out for recharging... I don't like that. But then I heard a rumour of ability to give an extra life for batteries and it is a simple task that everybody can manage to do at home! I tested it, it worked, atleast for this battery, for now :) After the treatment I gave to the battery I went out and test it and shot the memorycard full of photos (530 of them), came home and downloaded over half an hour my catch to the computer (I never-ever take the card out of my camera when I'm moving the shots to my computer) and the chargelevel showed full capasity :D:D:D

  Here's the tip (no guarantees it works but it costs nothing to try):

Grab a plastic bag and and put Your battery in it. Next You put the bag in Your freezer and leave it there for 24 hours. When You take it out, let it warm up before charging. Now You should be done! This is absolutely not cure for every battery but it's worth to try 'cause it doesn't cost a thing :)
If this was helpfull to You leave a message :D

Live long (again) and prosper!